A collection of the various client sites I've made

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Below is a selection of corporate sites I've developed as a freelancer.

For all of these projects:

  • I was the sole developer and in charge of all coding and hosting management
  • The designs were done by my business partner, and handed to me to be implemented
  • Wordpress was used as the CMS, allowing the client to easily be able to add, remove and manipulate the site's text and images

Mori & Co. – Architecture

Visit the site.

Mori and Co's homepage, with a renovated room and kitchen as the main image. A contact button hovers over the slider and a sidebar menu sticks to the right hand side of the page

Notable features:

  • Loading screen
  • 'See More' button on the blog archive
    • lets the user load older posts onto the page after the new posts have been initially loaded (feature uses AJAX and the Wordpress REST API)
  • Scroll-progress indicator on the PC home-page
    • the yellow hammer icon on the sidebar updates its position based on what section you're currently looking at

Journey – English Academy

Visit the site.

Journey homepage – the hero graphic is a slider, and on the side are cute animated icons (a plane, books and a suitcase) jiggling

Notable features:

  • Fully customisable category-based FAQ page
  • Page transition animations

Rahula – Home Nursing

Visit the site.

Rahula's homepage, with it's cheery looking chubby Buddha mascot sticking out the right hand side of the screen

Notable features:

  • Animated wave and Buddha hero graphic, made using SnapSVG.

  • Flexible and reusable block-based page-builder allows creating of unique pages (made with ACF)

    • Various block types can be used to piece together pages – block types include galleries, mixed content (title/text/images/buttons), embedded content and tables
    • The page theming (color, icon etc.) is also customisable by the user
  • A Careers content subsystem for listing job availability

    • Each job listing exists in an area and occupation-type category, allowing for the user to navigate through and find the relevant listing

Human Dynamics Consulting

Visit the site.

Human Consulting Dynamic's homepage, with image slider as the hero design and the menu bar sticking to the bottom of the screen

Notable features:

  • Custom 'Services' post type, split into multiple sub-categories
    • Includes reusable block-based page-builder for creation of unique pages